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What is Message Management System (CMS)?

It is the database where service providers record their current commercial electronic message approvals. Citizens, in the linkThrough the system located at  , they can approve the service providers to send them e-mails or they can use their right of refusal for their existing approvals on the IYS. On the other hand, recipients have the right to complain when they receive unsolicited SMS.

Which Messages Need Approval?

All channels to which e-mails are sent must be registered in IYS; but not all of them are subject to permission. Namely, while approval is required from individuals for e-mails sent to individuals, approval is not required for e-mails sent to merchants. However, both must be reported to the IYS through the system separated as individual and merchant.

What are the Deadlines for Registration to the System?

For service providers with more than 150,000 commercial electronic message approvals, the approval upload deadline is December 31, 2020; For 150,000 or less, the message confirmation upload date is May 31, 2021.

How to Determine Message Count?

This number is determined by the message sending channel, not the number of people. If both e-mail and SMS are sent to a person, it will be recorded as 2 messages, not 1.

Why Should Permissions Be Transferred to IYS?

As of May 31, 2021, if you do not transfer all your existing permission messages and subsequent permissions to IYS within 3 business days, the permission you have received will be invalid and you will not be able to continue to communicate with your contacts within the scope of your marketing activities.

What is the Sanction for Not Complying with the E-commerce Law Obligations?

Administrative fines stipulated in Article 12 of the Law are applied to those who are found to be unlawful as a result of a complaint or ex officio examination.

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